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Our Partners

At Excel Health, we believe it’s important for software and services companies to work together to help home health and hospice organizations improve financial outcomes, operational efficiency and sales productivity.

That’s why we partner with many of these leaders to bring the insights we gain from the industry’s most recent and complete data directly to your agency.

Find a partner

Excel Health partners with the industry best of breed providers and insightful associations to jointly deliver solutions that post performance for post-acute care providers like home health agencies and hospice organizations.  Find an Excel Health Partner that matches your needs today!

Become a partner

Becoming an Excel Health partner is simple and provides great benefits.  Once you become a partner, we enable you with everything you need to market and sell the industry’s leading market intelligence solutions.

Scott Pattillo at Homecare Homebase says:

By aligning with Excel Health, we are pleased to provide our customers with the most current and precise market data. Now, they can accurately evaluate the potential of referral partner opportunities and gain insight into their own performance metrics to facilitate data-driven, comparative conversations with physicians, healthcare facilities and health plans.

Chief Strategy Officer at Homecare Homebase

Excel Health's Ian Juliano:

By partnering, we believe we can make a positive impact on how physicians and hospitals view and utilize post-acute care services to improve patient care while containing unnecessary care delivery costs.

CEO of Excel Health

Tom Maxwell at Maxwell Healthcare Associates says:

At MHA, we believe technology is key in achieving the highest level of care while simultaneously reducing costs. We realize the data set from Excel Health can help our home health and hospice clients reach new levels of efficiency and care quality.

CEO at Maxwell Healthcare Associates