Home Health Adherence: 50 State Report

As we reported in “The Curious Case of the Disappearing Home Health Patient – And the $2.5 Billion He Took With Him” the facts surrounding the adherence rate for inpatient discharges to home health are startling. A comparison between patients who were discharged following a hospital stay to home health in 2016 and those who actually received the anticipated follow-up care shows that nearly 40% of the patients in this group end up without the services that they need within 30 days of their hospital discharge. Further, a series of studies done at the University of Pittsburgh covering approximately 4,300 patients confirms that better discharge planning would likely have resulted in a 25% improvement in hospital readmission rates. Another study done by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation together with the United Fund, confirmed that younger patients discharged with home health instructions were those less likely to seek care but more likely to be readmitted.