Excel Health Announces New Software Solutions to Automate Market Development Processes for Post-Acute Care Providers

New solutions perform sales-readiness activities to facilitate more targeted and relevant meetings with referral sources

Excel Health, the leading source for post-acute outcomes data and performance analytics for the healthcare industry, announced today the general release of a new suite of software solutions that automate sales and marketing processes for home health agency users. Current home health customers receive access to the new solutions as part of the Excel Health core product offering.

Unlike other data providers that require users to manipulate large data sets or interpret complex reports to get the insights they need, Excel Health solutions perform the work and data preparations to easily understand on behalf of users. In addition, the new solutions give sales managers visibility into the opportunities across multiple reps and multiple territories, allowing them to more proactively manage and predict the effectiveness of their teams.

“As we strive to help healthcare providers create high-performing care networks, we’re looking at every possible way we can help our customers make better use of the data throughout their organizations, be it a sales representative, sales manager or executive, to maximize the effectiveness of their sales and marketing investments,” said Ian Juliano, CEO of Excel Health. “The response from our early adopter customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited to now make this available to home health agencies who are looking to boost their performance in 2019.”

According to Michael Brents, division director of clinical analytics and informatics, at CHI Health at Home, “With a team of more than 100 sales representatives and leaders who are responsible for working with hospital administrators, physicians, and other risk-bearing entities, we are constantly looking for new ways to help them efficiently and successfully pursue their goals. Our users love the new solutions because they do a lot of the heavy lifting and allow our reps to focus on what they do best, which is building relationships and selling our value, instead of manipulating data.”

How it Works
Built on the healthcare industry’s most current and complete database, containing 100% Part A and 100% Part B Medicare claims, the solutions automate numerous and tedious manual processes required to prepare and execute effective sales and marketing conversations with new and existing referral sources. Key workflows that are automated with Excel Health software solutions include:

  • Identifying the right targets: Most post-acute care sales resources depend on their existing relationships to build their portfolio of referral sources because it is difficult for them to perform the analytics required to create an optimal target list. Leveraging unique data sets derived from 100% of all physicians Medicare claims data, the Excel Health solution populates action panels with superior growth opportunities from new and existing physician referral sources. By looking at the target list criteria like home health utilization and affiliations, the system generates a list of high-potential physicians for the sales representative to pursue.
  • Building personalized value propositions: Once the target list criteria have been identified, the system compares the most recent performance data of the target’s patient population by post-acute provider, enabling the sales person to speak directly to the areas of improvement, such as nursing and therapy visits per episode, readmission, and hospitalization rates, that are needed.
  • Delivering compelling presentations: The comparative information is packaged in a report that the representative can use to easily showcase their strengths to the targeted referral source of the opportunity for improvement. By having quantitative, evidence-based information at their fingertips, sales and marketing representatives are able to easily demonstrate the unique value his/her agency can bring to the referral source.

About Excel Health
Excel Health provides growth solutions that drive critical workflows and dramatically improve agency performance. Our performance analytics, quality metrics and targeting tools are derived from complete 100% Medicare Part A & B data to produce high value to hospitals and home health and hospice agencies. In a recent study, our customers outpaced their competition and have experienced an ROI of over 600%. Given our strong client retention rate and ROI we have developed the “90 Day Stress Free Guarantee” program for a limited time. Details can be found at http://www.excelhealthgroup.com/stress-free. Excel Health customers are the only agencies in the market that can position themselves as an invaluable resource to their referral partners because they have exclusive visibility into the full continuum of care. For more information, please visit http://www.excelhealthgroup.com/new-solutions; or to see a demonstration, email us at sales@excelhealthgroup.com.