Excel Health Announces Enhancements to Marketing Intelligence Platform

Detailed analytics like preventable hospital visits by physician, hospitalization rates by patient acuity and diagnostic category expand its lead on the competition

April 26, 2018 – Atlanta, GA Excel Health, the healthcare industry’s only source for current and complete outcomes data and performance analytics, announced major enhancements to its industry leading web-based Market Intelligence Portals for Home Health and Hospice.

In an ongoing effort to supply the home-based care industry with the most complete and actionable performance and market analytics, Excel Health has added over two dozen enhancements to its already robust product lines. Highlights include the ability to compare potentially preventable hospital visits with physician hospice utilization rates, and home health hospitalization rates by major diagnostic category and acuity level. To better serve our clients’ need for greater trending analysis, four additional quarters of historical referral data have also been added

“We listen to our Customers, who provide feedback to enhance our product offerings with new performance metrics and user tools,” said Ian Juliano, CEO of Excel Health Group. “When our Customers wanted to see the impact of their physician partners’ hospice utilization on preventable hospital visits, and when they wanted to better compare their home healthcare hospitalization rates on major diagnostic category and patient acuity versus the competition, we answered their call. No other data provider in the industry has the data, the resources and the singular focus on post-acute providers needed to drive this level of innovation and transparency in this market.”

Physician Hospice Utilization and Preventable Hospital Visits

It has long been believed by hospice agencies that encouraging physicians to refer more of their patients to hospice, and at an earlier stage, would result in better outcomes. Now Excel Health is putting the hard facts behind the premise. For every physician in the country, Excel’s customers will be able to identify the rate at which the physician’s patients received hospice care, the average length of stay of the hospice care, and compare it with potentially preventable emergency department encounters and hospitalizations.

Says Juliano, “We are giving our Customers yet another arrow in their quiver with which they can show physicians the difference in outcomes when physicians refer patients to hospice care. Imagine walking into a Cardiologist’s practice with this data and comparing the practice’s relatively low hospice utilization to peer practices, and then showing the resulting higher rate of hospitalization the practice’s patients face; this information will change future behavior.”

Home Health Hospitalization Rates By Major Diagnostic Category and Acuity

For every home health agency in America, Excel Health tracks hospitalization rates by major diagnostic category and patient acuity for the 30 and 90 day periods following the start of care. Agencies can benchmark themselves against county and state averages, or directly against a competitor, and market themselves based on their superior performance. Agency clinical leaders can benchmark and find the opportunities to improve and track their improvements versus their peers

“Many of our Customers have long held the belief that they perform better than the competition when it comes to patients with similar acuity and diagnoses but haven’t had the facts to prove it” Juliano says, “Going forward our Customers can compare their hospitalization rates on a true apples-to-apples basis by diagnostic category and acuity level, thereby allowing them to market their superior performance to their referral partners.”

More Exciting Features

Other notable enhancements include:

  • Data profiles for patients discharged into post-acute care from every facility in America, including diagnostic category, age, county and zip.
  • The addition of four additional historical quarters of referral data, for a total of eight quarters, for all facility and physician referral sources.
  • Level of affiliation between hospitals and their hospice and home healthcare partners.
  • Improved user experience such as detailed search and filter of physician and facility referral sources.

For more information, please visit: http://www.excelhealthgroup.com or to see a demonstration email us at sales@excelhealthgroup.com.

About Excel Health

Excel Health enables healthcare providers to thrive in the new paradigm of value-based care. With access to complete Medicare Part A and Part B data, refreshed quarterly with only about one quarter lag, (over 1.25 billion claims annually), Excel Health has put the most current, comprehensive, and robust medical databases in the world at your fingertips in our easy to use Home Health and Hospice portals. Our goal is for care networks to be constructed and providers selected based on care efficacy (superior outcomes) and care efficiency (reduced utilization). The potential of our suite of on-demand, cloud-based data solutions to profoundly impact healthcare and patient lives is immediately evident in client success stories. For more information, please visit: http://www.excelhealthgroup.com or to see a demonstration email us at sales@excelhealthgroup.com.