Excel Health Announces Enhancements to Market Intelligence Platform

Physician facility affiliations and detailed hospital referrals to Skilled Nursing Facilities provide greater insights into patient care continuum 

July 10th , 2018 – Atlanta, GA   Excel Health, the healthcare industry’s leading source for current and complete post-acute outcomes data and performance analytics, announced major enhancements to its industry leading web-based Market Intelligence Portals for Home Health and Hospice.   

In an ongoing effort to supply the home-based care industry with the most complete and actionable performance and market analytics, Excel Health has added exciting new features and enhancements to their already robust product lines.  Highlights include the ability to identify the top affiliated facilities for every physician in America, as well as track detailed patient referral patterns from every hospital to every Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) in the country.   

“Our Customers can achieve a competitive advantage by moving upstream in the referral process,” said Ian Juliano, CEO of Excel Health Group. “We are delivering new features and tools to better target physicians, as well as identify hospital-SNF referral relationships, that will allow our Customers to better target the most attractive referral partners and more effectively allocate their business development and sales resources.” 

Physician – Facility Affiliation

A common pain point for home health and hospice agencies is understanding the affiliation of referring physicians to hospitals and other facilities.  Excel Health is taking the guesswork away by presenting the top three facility affiliations for every physician in its Market Intelligence Portal.  Identifying these top affiliations allows sales teams to determine if a physician is affiliated with a larger network or health system and allocate the appropriate amount of time with that physician.  The affiliations also give the sales representatives the ability to find physicians in additional locations and create new physician referrals from the same facility. 

Hospital Referrals to Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) care 

In addition to understanding patient flows from facilities to home health and hospice providers, Excel Health Customers can now track patient flows from hospitals to SNF care.  A heavily requested feature, the ability to track patients from hospitals to SNFs means that business development executives will be able to properly deploy resources to these referral opportunities, and health systems will be able to understand patient flows in and out of their skilled nursing facilities, and better understand leakage.  Home health agencies, hospices and hospitals alike will be able to track SNF admission trends over time and compare performance measures like hospitalization rates for each SNF in their network. 

Other exciting enhancements for Excel Health Users 

  • State and county quality benchmarks added to key tables.  
  • Agency market share by physician and facility 

For more information, please visit: http://www.excelhealthgroup.com or to see a demonstration email us at sales@excelhealthgroup.com. 


About Excel Health 
Excel Health enables healthcare providers to thrive in the new paradigm of value-based care.  With access to complete Medicare Part A and Part B data, refreshed quarterly with only about one quarter lag, (over 1.25 billion claims annually), Excel Health has put the most current, comprehensive, and robust medical databases in the world at your fingertips in our easy to use Home Health and Hospice portals. Our goal is for care networks to be constructed and providers selected based on care efficacy (superior outcomes) and care efficiency (reduced utilization). The potential of our suite of on-demand, cloud-based data solutions to profoundly impact healthcare and patient lives is immediately evident in customer  success stories. For more information, please visit: http://www.excelhealthgroup.com or to see a demonstration email us at sales@excelhealthgroup.com.