Physician Claims data gives you complete insights into the entire continuum of care

Excel Health powers the critical decisions that accelerate your growth. Our performance analytics, quality metrics and targeting tools are derived from complete 100% Medicare Part A & B data to produce high value for post-acute agencies and hospitals alike.

Our customers outpaced their competition and have experienced an ROI of over 600%. Only Excel Health customers can position themselves as an invaluable resource to their referral partners because they have exclusive visibility into the full continuum of care.

Annual Medicare FFS Claims By Source

If you don't have access to physician office-based claims, you are missing 75% of the picture.

You must have visibility into every physician’s office based claims to properly target and market to these physicians

In today’s highly competitive market, targeting hospitals for new referrals isn’t enough. You need to target the right physicians who can deliver a consistent stream of referrals. But without the right data, your sales team is spending too much time chasing the wrong leads. Excel has changed the way agencies find referrals with professional claim data.

Only Excel delivers the complete data you need to fully understand the market and compete effectively.


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