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Leverage the Insight of Excel Health for Skilled Nursing Facilities

By using the healthcare industry’s most complete and recent data, Excel’s solution enables you to identify high-potential referral sources while also understanding your facility’s unique strengths, opportunities, and challenges. Recently added to Excel Health’s growing portfolio of post-acute care products, the skilled nursing facility solution was designed in conjunction with some of the most forward-thinking facilities across the country.

Key Features

Know and grow your market share

Stop depending on your hospital referral partners to tell you how you are performing in the care network or how many patients they are sending your way. Know for yourself by using Excel Health’s rich data to gain quantitative, performance-based insights you can share with referral partners. Visually appealing graphs and charts make it easy to see growth trends for both you and your competitors.

Align care programs with specific patient populations

Because Excel breaks down patient admissions by medical diagnostic and BPCI categories, you can clearly see what types of patients are coming out of your top referral sources and how your organization is performing with those patients. This allows your facility to align your care services with certain patient populations – from both a diagnosis and acuity level.

Demonstrate your value over 30, 60, and 90-day periods

Because Excel Health is able to look at all hospital, facility, and physician claims for all Medicare beneficiaries, you can easily see what happens to patients after discharge from your facility vs. your competitors’ facilities.

Identify opportunities for quality improvement

Excel’s solution presents key metrics on your facility’s performance allowing for easy comparison across to county and state averages as well as against named competitors. You can even conduct research into certain physicians who may be negatively impacting your length of stay numbers and identify educational opportunities.

Build compelling presentations

that demonstrate your value by diagnostic category and patient acuity. Referral partners expect quantifiable evidence of your role in containing costs and improving outcomes. Show them the facts with Excel Health’s visually appealing graphs and charts.

The Value Excel Health Delivers

  • 100% Medicare fee-for-service claims data

  • 4,000 users across Excel Health solutions

  • 98% customer retention

How does Excel Health do it?

As one of only a few companies in the country to earn Innovator status under CMS’s Virtual Research Data Center Program, Excel Health has immediate access to the complete set of fee-for-service claims data on the 60M+ Medicare beneficiary lives. Excel has analyzed more than 1.25 billion claims across the care continuum and presents actionable insights to hundreds of post-acute care organizations so they can build high-performing care networks.