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Key Features

Manage Hospital Relationships

  • Develop trusted relationships with discharge planning leaders and hospital executives.

  • Identify opportunities to convert hundreds of previously non-compliant home healthcare patients.

  • Enable hospital partners to improve their performance metrics relative to their peers by increasing home healthcare utilization in key diagnostic categories.

Improve Physician Relationships

  • Analyze your true share of physician referrals, and grow your physician referral network with quality metrics doctors have never seen.

  • Evaluate every following physician's impact on your hospitalization rates.

Assistance for Lower Acuity Patients

  • Persuade facilities to select home healthcare as a better option for lower acuity patients, resulting in lower costs and re-admit rates.

Access Key Metrics

  • Utilize the most recent key quality metrics like speed of care, visits per episode, and hospitalization rate in consumer-targeted marketing materials.

Excel Health is the only vendor to provide access to both Medicare Part A and B claims data, which gives us a level of visibility into both our hospital and physician referral activity that we’ve never had before. We can actually show our network partners which patients were discharged with home health instructions vs. those who were not vs. those who actually landed in home health. The comparative outcomes across all three buckets really helps them see where their processes are falling short and how we can be of great value.

Michael Brents
Divisional Director of Clinical Analytics and Informatics, CHI Health at Home

Key Resources for Home Health


Q3 2017 Industry Trend Report

In order to help home-based care providers better understand the most recent industry trends, we assembled top level admissions and utilization data from our Market Intelligence Portal – by state and on a national basis. The data is pulled from our proprietary solution that includes detailed market share, performance analytics and quality metrics based on 100 percent of the most recent Medicare Part A and B claims data. Read it Now


Q4 2017 Annual Industry Trend Report

By the end of December 2017 there were 57.7 Medicare beneficiaries residing in the 50 States, representing growth in the Medicare enrolled population of 2.2% or 1.2 Million citizens over 2016. Those enrolled in the Medicare program comprised approximately 18% of the population of the United States at the end of 2017. Read it Now


Q3 2018 Home Health & Hospice Industry Trend Report

Download the report and learn:

  • The latest home health and hospice analytics available today

  • Compare your organization benchmarks by state and country

  • NEWLY ADDED: PDGM Metrics and Total Cost of Care Metrics
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