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Market Intelligence Portal

Participate in Care Networks and At-Risk Programs:

  • Enter into networks with a clear understanding of the strengths and opportunities of every facility and office-based physician based on the most recent data
  • Negotiate from a position of strength and evidence with data that demonstrates your agency's unique quality and cost performance evidence-based outcomes

Grow and Improve Referral Source Relationships:

  • Analyze your true share of physician referrals, and grow your referral network with quality metrics physicians have never seen.
  • Evaluate every following physicians' impact on your hospitalization rates.

Benchmark Your Performance

  • Evaluate a wide range of quality and cost metrics across your patient population to identify areas of clinical or process improvement
  • Compare your performance against your competitors to better represent your unique value

Sales Productivity Solutions

  • More precisely identify and grow the right referral sources: Use the solution to highlight high-growth opportunities from new and existing referral sources based on utilization and affiliation data – enabling your sales teams to focus their time and energy on those sources that have the highest potential to help you grow your business profitably.
  • Rapidly build personalized value propositions for each referral source: When planning for a meeting with a referral source, users can use the solution to easily capture referral source-specific insights (such as the number of visits per episode, readmission rates, and hospitalization rates) and present tailored messages that result in more personalized and meaningful conversations.

Total Cost of Care Insights

  • Negotiate with payers and health systems from a position of strength and transparency by presenting evidence of longer-term value delivered over 6 or 12 months after the episode, which helps protect margins and drives more referrals.
  • Demonstrate your difference to care navigators and discharge planners with proven, data-driven care plans that work

PDGMpro Proactive Analytics Report for Home Health Payment Reform

Gain access to the detailed data you need to:

1) Understand how your agency will fare under PDGM

2) Identify the changes you need to make to your agency’s care delivery approach before your reimbursements are negatively impacted when the rule takes effect in January 2020.

3) For exclusive access, register here: