Excel Health Announces Availability of Q3 2018 Industry Trend Report

Medicare beneficiaries grew 3% YoY, Hospice admissions up 4%, Home Health admissions up 0.8%

Excel Health, the leading source for current and complete post-acute outcomes data and performance analytics for the healthcare industry, announced today the availability of its Q3 2018 Home Health & Hospice Industry Trend Report. Each quarter, Excel Health updates this report with the most recent Medicare data insights and makes it available for free to all of those interested in better understanding key post-acute care growth opportunities.

In addition to the insights provided each quarter, Excel Health has introduced several new tables in this report. The first new metric, Total Cost of Care, is focused on the most prevalent and costly Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs) based on total claims filed over 12-months. The second new analysis is therapy visits vs. nursing visits per episode of care to provide agencies more visibility into service utilization, which will be scrutinized under the new Patient Driven Grouping Model (PDGM).

“Our hope, by sharing these new insights at the diagnostic category level, is post-acute care providers discover new opportunities to help hospital and physician referral sources significantly impact their total cost of care and prepare for emerging payment models,” said Ian Juliano, CEO of Excel Health. “Because we are one of the few companies CMS has deemed as Innovators in its Virtual Research Data Center Program, we can offer this level of visibility to truly help bend the cost curve of healthcare.”

Like previous reports, this new report includes the most recent data on home health and hospice admissions, utilization and overall Medicare and Medicare Advantage results. Highlights include:

  • Hospice utilization is now over 50% of the number of ALL Medicare patients who died, were patients admitted to Hospice, for the first time since we started reporting the metric in 2017
  • Medicare fee for service (FFS) beneficiaries stayed flat, while Medicare Advantage beneficiaries increased by 8.6% year over year.
  • The percentage of patients discharged from a hospital stay, where no post-acute care (PAC) was ordered, is still high at 50%. We believe this 4.5 million patient gap from hospital to PAC represents a meaningful opportunity to reduce hospital readmission.

To access the Q3 2018 Post-Acute Care Industry Report, visit: https://www.excelhealthgroup.com/resources/q3-2018-home-health-hospice-industry-trend-report/ or to learn more about how your organization can access the full Excel Health insights to fuel your growth, visit our website at http://www.excelhealthgroup.com.

About Excel Health
Excel Health provides growth solutions that drive critical workflows to dramatically improve agency performance. Our performance analytics, quality metrics and targeting tools are derived from complete 100% Medicare Part A and B data, along with Part D and C in the near future, to produce high value to care providers and payers. In a recent study, our customers outpaced their competition and have experienced ROI of over 600%. Given our strong client retention rate and ROI, we have developed the “90 Day Stress Free Guarantee” program. Details can be found at excelhealthgroup.com/stress-free. Excel Health customers are the only agencies in the market that can position themselves as an invaluable resource to their referral partners because they have exclusive visibility into the full continuum of care. Excel Health recently launched www.pdgmpro.com a proactive analytics report for home health payment reform. Register for your free report today! For more information on Excel Health, please visit http://www.excelhealthgroup.com/new-solutions; or to see a demonstration, email us at sales@excelhealthgroup.com.