The industry agrees.
The data speaks for itself.

They have done a fantastic job on the university and training as well as the portal.  Very easy to follow and utilize.

- Chief Clinical Officer

We just finished the training and it went great. The team was very engaged and excited! Thanks guys, great product. The team is already digging through the info!

- Vice President of Data Integration and Project Management

HMS is like an encyclopedia book and Excel is like the Internet.

- Clinical Lead

“Easy to Learn” - “Quick Adoption”  

- Data Integration Specialist

Use for research before every visit.

- Sales Rep

Opened doors with new and existing clients.

- Business Development

Insert ourselves earlier in the Hospice decision process.

- Clinical Directors

This data is incredible! Amazing!


How long before our competitors will have access?


Why People choose Excel.

Recent & Quality Data

Leadership uses Excel intelligence to strengthen C-Level hospital relationships. 

“Our five minute meet and greet with the hospital CEO turned into a 90 minute meeting and a follow up with the head of discharge”

-Agency CEO

Relationship & Referral Insight

 Sales representatives leverage quality and discharge metrics to educate physician groups on the benefits of hospice.  

“Able to get a lunch with 3 members of a cardiology group based on  sharing their discharge metrics. And they paid for lunch!”

Quality Discharge Metrics

 Business Development utilizes Excel market share trends to evaluate joint ventures, acquisitions and expansion.

“We were able to prove that a major preferred provider partnership, in which we’ve invested millions, was sending us less than 10% of their home health patients. Having the data fundamentally shifted to the dynamics to our favor, almost overnight.”

- Agency VP of Business Development

Benchmarking Against Competition

Clinical teams enable the best care by benchmarking vs. peers. 

”Key hospital prospect went from one hospice partnership program to two after we were able to demonstrate superior care quality metrics. They made the decision on the spot!”

 —Clinical Director