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Fueling Post-Acute Care Growth

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Improve Sales Productivity

with data-driven solutions that point you in the right direction

Identify New Referral Sources

through access to the most recent and complete data

Benchmark Your Performance

against specific competitors in your service area

Powerful software solutions built on the most recent and complete data available

Identify new referral sources that are the right match for your organization and qualify new partner, care network and expansion opportunities with the most recent and complete data.

Get the whole picture of your market share by facility and physician, and better understand how your agency’s performance compares to your competitors to identify quality improvement opportunities.

Benchmark and report on your agency’s performance against peers in your service areas to provide evidence of your unique value proposition, all based on personalized, referral source-specific data.


Active Users


Customer Retention


Growth in Patient Admits

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See how Excel Health can help you improve sales productivity, identify new referral sources, and benchmark your performance.

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